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Creating Bonds

Join us at a group session or individually at our beautiful Grass Valley location and experience what nurturing really is. Our kind staff is here to make your experience stress-free and relaxing. Most of all, the themed rooms provide a fun and safe environment for children

Nurturing Skills


We will provide you with a parenting tool belt that will help you live and breathe a nurturing lifestyle. Skill sets include socialization, empathy, structure, and boundaries. These skills are taught in our beautiful family center or in your home.

Progress Reporting

We are the only nurturing program in the area and have ties with many agencies locally. We rely on our written progress reports to make just deciscions. We look at the family as a whole and keep the children's best interest in mind.

Nurturing Parent Programs

Programs designed with your family in mind. We are here to offer both in home and in office support for all family dynamics. Call us today to find out more information.

Testimonials from Real Parents

"This class opened my eyes to the most important parts about being a nurturing parent."

"Helps me to maintain a nurturing environment even when things get crazy. Helps me communicate and listen to my family’s needs and wants. Helps me with knowing how to cope in family matters."

"I get to learn to be the most effective parent possible."

"Having learned simple basic skills on how to nurture, discipline and guide her to being the young person she needs to be, feels great! I have been taught how to stay consistent and firm, yet loving and comforting all at the same time by doing “common sense” type skills."

"One on one was extremely helpful. It was my lifeline to being a parent. Going from being a hopeless drug addict for 20 years to having a baby who needs me, Nurturing Parenting was my lifeline."

"Being able to communicate with your children is wonderful, and that is exactly what this program helps you with."



Programs are designed to empower individuals and families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies and skills to make good and healthy lifestyle choices.



Programs are designed for at-risk youth and teen parents, as well as parents and families experiencing mild to moderate levels of individual and family dysfunction. Programs in this range work on stopping the dysfunction and engaging individuals and families in the process of building positive nurturing beliefs, knowledge and skills.



Programs are designed for families referred for parenting education by Social Services/Mental Health for child abuse and neglect and/or family dysfunction. Tertiary level programs "treat" abusive and neglecting parent-child or parent-teen dysfunctional interactions through a process called "re-parenting." In re-parenting, parents increase their understanding of the abuse and neglect they experienced as children and how these parenting beliefs and patterns were passed on to their children



Ideally suited for agencies like Healthy Start, Head Start, Schools, Residential Centers, Home-Visitation Programs and Parent Education Programs designed to offer long term, more comprehensive parenting education. The Nurturing Programs presented below are evidence-based programs that have been validated with agencies providing services over a period of years to families. 

Infant & Toddler


Services for parents or soon-to-be parents. Ranging from pre-natal classes to toddler age, we have the tools to help your sprout get the nurturing to grow.

School-age kids & Parents


For Parents with children ages 5-11, these courses are designed for growing and active kids. The tools in these courses help shape you, as a parent, and your child, so you can both grow together. 

Teens & Young Parents


We provide services for parents with children ages 13-19 and also services for our younger parents. Adolesence is hard for anyone to understand. We provide the tools to a nurturing approach to connecting and understanding.



Helping Co-Parents Establish a Nurturing Relationship for separated, divorced, or high conflict families. This program combines the principles and structure of the three layers of divorce impasses (mediation, cognitive restructuring, and conflict resolution) with

the developmental sequence of the Nurturing Parent Program.

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