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Welcome To Helping Hands...

Families are united here. Helping Hands Nurturing Center engages with parents, children and families to create a healthy, nurturing parenting environment no matter what the family situation might be.

Helping Hands Nurturing Center - girl splashing water
Helping Hands Nurturing Center - Baby's Grasp
Helping Hands Nurturing Center - Little and Big Foot
Our Mission


To promote healthy, nurturing parent-child relationships through support services and education. Families and their children will develop socially, emotionally and physically through nurturing and personal growth. Creating a foundation of hope for future generations.

Our Vision

To create communities that embrace the value of raising children in a safe, nurturing environment. Families and their children will have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential as productive, happy, healthy members of our community.

Proven Results

Our results speak for themselves— over 350 families around the county have discovered parenting is about more than just love. It’s about discovering how to understand and appreciate family and act in supportive, nurturing ways.

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