Who is Helping Hands?


Meet Shona and her team:


About Us


It's about more than love; it's about discovering how to understand and appreciate others and act in more supportive, nurturing ways.


Meet Shona, the founder of Helping Hands Nurturing Center. Shona was born and raised in Nevada County. She has a passion for life and can see the positive in everyone and everything. Shona lives a nurturing lifestyle and role models the lifestyle of nurturing to others. With the ability to engage and empower families, Shona brings 20 years of experience and education to her process. Her multi-functional facility is the only one of its kind in the area.

Jackie’s passion for advocating for children and animals has been lifelong.  She has always wanted to give a ‘voice’ to those who could not speak for themselves. Her experience in Special Education, Domestic Violence, Child Care, and Child Development has provided her many

opportunities to engage with and support children and families.  She is quick to learn new ideas and concepts, to adapt to the needs of her clients, and to bring humor to difficult situations.

Cindy is a service oriented person and has been actively involved with families and children for 30 years. She is passionate about helping others find their own path to success. Cindy strives to make concepts real and applicable. She cares about our community and loves to empower others. Her enthusiastic approach shines in everything she does. She bring a balance of education and hands-on application to her work that really helps people to get engaged quickly.

Where are we located?

New Home, Same Support

We have moved! Come by and see us at our new location: The Lola Montez House. Located at 248 Mill Street in Downtown Grass Valley. Our new space has ample parking in Downtown and a small gated yard. We cant wait to show you. Stop by soon!

248 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA

What Do We Do?

We are One-of-a-kind 

  • Take anybody at any time

  • Create a better lifestyle and family situation

  • Develop a parenting tool belt

  • Work on the family as a whole

  • First, work on you, and then the rest of the family

  • Move families out of chaos

  • We live, breathe, and teach a nurturing lifestyle

  • Nurturing

  • Incredibly nice, child-friendly environment

  • Work in collaboration with the partners, families and referring agencies

  • We start at your ground zero — walk in as you are

  • Trained in handling trauma

  • We cater our services to all ages.

  • Affordable fees; Contact us for info.